5 Lessons Every Startup Entrepreneur Must Learn [Infographic]

There are important lessons that every entrepreneur needs to learn before they start taking those giant leaps towards success.

This infographic (thanks to Buzinga) breaks down the 5 essential lessons every startup entrepreneur must learn:

5 lessons every startup entrepreneur must learn

Here is a breakdown of each of the lessons illustrated in the infographic above:

I. Take Full Responsibility For Your Success

As a business owner, you are 100% responsible for your own success. You no longer have a manager who’s checking up on you or giving you a nudge to get things done. If you get lazy and stop being productive in your business, your income will suffer. This is especially true at the start when you’re first building things up with limited resources and funding. The hardest part of starting a business is actually getting started and generating those first few sales. Once you’ve established a formula that works for your business you can rinse, repeat and scale.

Bottom line – don’t slack off in your business. Make sure you complete the work that needs to be done otherwise your business will suffer.

2. Work On Your Confidence

Your belief in yourself and your own abilities will have a direct impact on the results you will achieve in your business. Having faith in your ability to succeed and master certain skill sets is very important for yourself and your business. If you have any doubts about your own abilities you may need to look at developing yourself and gaining more awareness and understanding of why you have those beliefs in the first place.

Bottom line – You need to be fully confident in yourself to achieve the success you really want in business. If you don’t believe you then no-one else will.

3. Have An Empowering Vision

Your vision is all to do with the impact your business will have on the world at large. This is something that should scare you. Your vision should be huge and it should be something that you’re really passionate about. You don’t want to spend your time building something that you don’t really have a love for. The problem with building a business that you aren’t passionate about is that you’ll never beat someone who is passionate about the same thing.

Bottom line – Create a big scary vision. Focus on what you love, what you’re passionate about.

4. Manage Your Energy

The success of your company is directly impacted by the amount of work you can put into it. your health is extremely important. Ensuring you eat the right foods and exercise properly will work wonders on your energy levels and allow you to become more productive in your business.

Bottom Line – Look after yourself and your body will look after you. Eat proper foods and exercise so you can be super productive in your business.

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