How To Start A Startup [Video]

Always wanted to start your own business but just don’t know how?

Well Augustus is here to rescue you and show you the way of the startup entrepreneur!

I came across awesome startup resource online and wanted to share one of their lectures with you. This is a lecture that was shot at Stanford university and it covers the fundamentals of starting a startup business.

Every guest speaker on this video has been involved in creating a billion dollar plus company. All this information is geared towards people starting a business where their goal is massive growth and eventually building up a really big company.

Startups are very different to traditional businesses so this information can only be applied to startup businesses.

Startups are also surprisingly a level playing field. You can start a startup if you’re 23 and just out of college or 50 and just quit your job!

Why Should You Start A Startup?

You should only start a startup if you feel compelled to solve a particular problem. Passion should always come first and business second. All of the biggest successes in the startup world follow this exact formula. You shouldn’t start a startup just for the sake of doing so. Starting a startup is actually very difficult!

Here is the video:



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