Guest Posting

We welcome guest authors from all facets of business here at Goelker.

If you’re interested in becoming a guest author for us please email your initial post ideas to [email protected]

Here are some general guest posting guidelines that need to be followed:

Content depth – Your posts need to be detailed and provide value to our readers. None thin 500 word posts will be accepted. We like content that with actionable tips and interesting insights that our readers can take away.

Outgoing links – We don’t accept links to just any website. If you’re linking out from our blog it needs to be relevant to our niche as well as the post. It also needs to be a high-quality websites. We do not allow linking out to thin affiliate websites.

Spelling and grammar – This is basic stuff but it is surprising how many people neglect these kind of things. This probably means that you didn’t spend too much time on your post either.

Fitting the theme – The content has to fit the theme of this blog. This blog is about startups and online business so if you write about personal development, you’ll obviously be rejected.

Track record – You must have a good track record in order to guest blog for us. We like to see examples of what you’ve written previously so we can assess the quality of your writing. Please include these examples in the initial email you send us.